quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2013

Judgment II

Well… Reading the email, reading these people’s thoughts on judgment did not miraculously change me or gave me a clear solution to this. That would have been too easy, right? But I have been thinking about it, so here it goes…

Judging situations and others is a basic skill we need to survive. Being able to distinguish right from wrong is essential. However, judging blindingly and judging others to make ourselves feel better is not good. Using our harsh judgment on others so we can climb onto our high horse is not a constructive way to happiness. It achieves nothing but to fill us with bitter thoughts. We ALL have our own flaws and instead of trying to point out as many on others as we can, we should be trying to fix ours.

And then I stopped looking at the judger and I thought about the ones we judge. And I thought about the times I felt quick and harshly judged by a sentence, an outfit, a choice, a look… It feels horrible to be quickly labeled for an infinitesimal part of who I am.
Showing compassion is never the wrong thing to do. And who has never been wrong about someone else? I have.    

I will not stop judging. But I will try to be less casual about it. 

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