segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014


Being a good friend is not easy.
You need time and will and patience and attention and acceptance, etc…
It’s different from being in a romantic relationship because your friend is 100% a different identity, 100% a different life, 100% “not your business”. And that is why it is difficult to navigate the sea of advice, of opinions, of differences…
In bad times you want to help and guide as much as you can, you want to help lift the weight and be a light on your friends life. But to solve the problems of other people’s lives is impossible. Without special powers, all you can do is be the football coach that watches from the sideline and tries frantically to help without much success.
A better perspective can be had from the sidelines. However, nothing can be really made from the sidelines. And the great will to help your friend is reduced to a banner of encouragement and finger-crossing.


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