quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2015


Being away is more difficult than I ever thought. Suddenly, life is a never ending countdown to the next time we’ll be together and then the next and then the next…
All I am hoping for is the repetitiveness of everyday life, sharing a meal every day, waking up, watching TV, getting on each other’s nerves… That’s the dream right now, nothing fancy or complicated, just time together.

I know I’ll survive, I know we’ll survive, I know time is relative. But it’s not as much about needing than it is about wanting to. It’s about knowing that things are better with him than without. I was not unhappy before, I would not be after but I know my heart has expanded into the realms of the unknown because of him.

And deep down I know we are lucky. We have done the most difficult thing, find each other.  

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